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If God allowed us to be brought to 'it', He'll bring us through 'it'.

to my clients: i want to help you do what you love with less limitations


I've created tools that require me to ask questions to gain clarity on what boundaries to set and what is the next best step to take to reach a goal or meet a need.


These same processes apply to 

·    homemaking

·    menu planning

·    relationships

·    time management

·     pace of life

·    marriage.

Jesus cries out to our Lord, He seeks His guidance and protection, and He also walks shoulder to shoulder with his apostles. We too, then, should do as He did. When we seek wise counsel and connect with others in the community, however small, (Promise: where two or more are gathered) we will be given the means to move forward, a little wiser, secure, and anchored in joy.

Over age 50, a mama to many, married over 3 decades, I have fallen, flailed, and I have been blessed with mentors and friends to help me to navigate the deep.


Offering intentionally scheduled mentoring to those who are seeking support and accountability is my way of most effectively passing on the wisdom imparted to me.


In establishing Anchor Wellness Mentoring, my hope is to create the space for those seeking clarity, to use questions and visual aids to see ‘next steps’ more easily for you. Together we can pray and process what will be the 'next best step' on the path God intends for you.

In my experience, personally, and in walking through the 'confusion' with others, it is rarely the initial concern that is the actual problem to address next. For example, a participant might come to me desiring accountability to make fitness their focus. In short order, time management and boundary work around her family responsibilities was brought to light by asking her to track where she spent her time and her habit of answering answer the phone unless she was in a meeting.


Her initial thinking was neglecting to answer the phone was lacking charity and responsibility to the caller. Her decision to be humble, and her desire to seek truth, resulted in her ability – within 4 days - to attend fitness classes and a conviction to set 'business' hours around her phone and she experienced a blanket of calm surrounding her. Moreover, her new perspective was, she was cherishing what was in the moment, showing charity first to her family and vocation, by setting limits on phone and computer use.


In Anchor Mentoring meet-ups, we will be intentionally examining and addressing our wellness in all areas of our life. Together, we will highlight the gifts and where you are excelling, and determine the areas that need nurturing, direction, and accountability.

Through years of my being held accountable by others, I know the benefit of walking through these steps when I recognized I was struggling to live in my values or feeling overwhelmed. Confusion, fear, and anxiety are not of God, I know! But I often could not figure out the best next steps to expose what needed to be to the light and how to bring order and cultivate the peace that surpasses all understanding – sounds idyllic – simple – but not so easy. I know!

Using questions, pondering, and asking the Holy Spirit for guidance, I support women to take responsibility for themselves slowly and simply. We never arrive. But we can feel sure-footed on the path that God intends for us in this season. If you are interested in sharing your struggle with me, I will ask thought-provoking questions so we can uncover the next best steps. I will gladly share tips and resources I have compiled that have blessed me in my home, and my vocation, and to fulfill my responsibilities as a mother, wife, sister to many and soon-to-be sister – to you! Let us bless one another. Please do not let money be the reason you hesitate to reach out.

"I am in the depths of healing and growing in the Lord’s path for my life and Robin’s mentoring has been very helpful. I am greatly encouraged by our sessions as Robin helps me maintain focus on the mission I have sensed from the Holy Spirit for my life and family."

Kimberly Y., Spangle, WA

Robin is a gifted instructor and mentor! She listens and responds to all aspects of my health and well being during my private sessions with her. Her holistic approach of spiritual, mental and physical health is what draws me to her classes. Her instruction and friendship has been a blessing and gift! 


Becky Kelly, Client 

Mentoring Costs

Package of 3 - $100

Single Session - $45

30-minute boost - $30

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