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Pietra Fitness Class Pricing and Descriptions


Single Class $15

10-Class Pass $120

20-Class Pass $200

$30 per person per Meet-Up


Single Class $50

5- Class Pass $200

10-Class Pass $300

2 or more people

Pietra Fitness® Class descriptions and Levels

As a Pro Certified Instructor, I'm able to write classes to accommodate our community. Our class times first originated because one of you were interested, we found a time suitable for both of us and we share that with our friends. That's why I chose to become Pro Certified - so I could write classes to accommodate all fitness levels. I do label the classes, but just come, join us and we'll work together to exercise with safety and also to challenge those areas of our bodies needing to grow in strength.

Gentle - Incorporating both floor work and standing exercises with slow transitions, the peaceful pace and movements of these workouts gently promote strength, flexibility, and improved balance. These calm and relaxing classes are appropriate for a wide range of ages and abilities, including seniors and those with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.


Intermediate - Building upon the basic movements in Gentle classes, Level 1 classes will revitalize your body and soul with a combination of floor work, standing exercises, and balancing postures. Transitions are quicker and more frequent, and strengthening postures are held for longer periods of time.


Advanced - These challenging classes focus on building endurance and refining the fundamental postures introduced in Gentle and Level 1 classes. With difficult sequences and strong transitions, Level 2 classes are best to try after you are comfortable with Level 1 workouts. Level 2 classes are designed to promote muscle strength and control, as well as flexibility, balance, and improved muscular endurance.


Chair – Chair class is an excellent option for all of us. Yes, it’s excellent for anyone whose physical abilities benefit from fitness in a chair or standing near a chair – come join our community! In this world of desk jobs, computers, carpooling and cell phones, you’ll find the skills we foster in this class become an effective way to maintain posture and increase your fitness level, especially when our routines don’t allow us to be as active as we’d like to be. Moreover, you’ll gain a new awareness of how to adjust your posture to overcome the contraindications of modern technology or other degenerative circumstances.  


      Children’s Classes: Pietra Fitness KIDS strives to help children, k-8th grade, increase their faith, health and well- being through physical exercise paired with Catholic prayer and mediation created just for kids! We have designed a program that exposes kids to the goodness, truth, and beauty of the Catholic Church while developing the whole person in mind, body, and soul. We seek to help children of all ages to glorify God with their entire human person!


God bless you, friend!

Robin Betz

Pro Certified Pietra Fitness Foundations 3, Chair and Kid’s Instructor

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