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Anchor Wellness offering Pietra Fitness

Read about Pietra Fitness here and join a class, in person, or in zoom to learn together with me! 


​to my clients: i want to help you do what you love with less limitations



What is Pietra Fitness? 

  • Pietra Fitness is a stretching and strengthening program featuring Christian prayer in the Catholic tradition. 

  • Classes always include an active work out, prayer, breath work, and gratitude, and are offered at various levels

Who is Pietra Fitness For?

  • Just like the church "all are welcome in this place!"

  • We encourage full range of motion in the joints, while respecting individual limitations. 

  • Modifications are offered to accommodate varying abilities. 

  • We also facilitate participation using a variety of props, (chairs, foam rollers, blocks, and hand weights) to adjust for limitations or strengths. 

  • I will give verbal cues during class, while each participant watches their own movements; this helps to strengthen the mind-body connection that can be lost during times of stress, with age, or other life changes.   

How to Participate in Anchor Wellness LIVE Pietra Classes:


  • All classes are offered in person at my home studio or through Zoom conferencing.

  • If you are interested in classes in your home or facility, contact me! My practice offers classes for either male or female participants, classes are not coed classes. However, married couples may take semi-private classes.


 What Does it Cost: $10-15 per group glass, $30-50 per private class. 


See prices in the chart provided–payment can be Check to Anchor Wellness LLC or Pay through the Mind Body Merchant here:

Please do not let cost be an impediment to joining classes – contact me – Pietra is a gift to be shared. 

First Meet Up is complimentary – Reach out and we'll make it happen.

Current Group or Private Classes: in Zoom or 2206 West St. Thomas More Way, Spokane WA 99208

Spring 2024 Schedule



6:40 pm  Mat


6:30 pm  Mat


8:45 am Chair Class- Mat/weights optional

10:30 am Mat


6:30 pm  Mat - Pelvic Floor and Core - all are welcome and can benefit


10:30 am Mat

All classes are Mat classes unless it states chair. Hand weights available.


How To Get Started: Email or push 'Schedule a Class' above. At check out, select 'complimentary first class'.

Here is a little video Jen created to navigate creating Wix user account Or call Jen at 805) 512-0331.

Here is a little video Jen created to navigate creating a Wix  Account. Or call Jen at 805) 512-0331.


Learn More about the Pietra Resources, Pre-Recorded Classes, and site memberships at

Enjoy hundreds of classes at Pietra Fitness on line studio.

Try out as many classes as you'd like to for 2 weeks for free. After that, it costs less than $10.00 a month.

This isn't the same as joining a live class in my practice, but it's the perfect alternative if your schedule doesn't work with mine. Additionally, if you want to add a class or two to your fitness and prayer routines, again, this is an ideal and affordable option. 


You'll appreciate the series of classes, and the ability to filter by time and level.

If you decide to sign up and try it, use this link:

Pietra Participants personal feedback about their experiences in Pietra Classes

"We have loved Pietra from the moment Robin introduced us to it!  It is a challenging yet peaceful spiritual hour where we get to work on ourselves in mind, body and spirit.

Robin is able to meet you “where you’re at” while boosting confidence and helping you feel accomplishment - no matter how big or small. 

Participating in this wonderful experience helps reduce stress as well as build strength and improve flexibility.  It is a vital addition to any day as we navigate our busy lives. "  ~ Karen and Forrest Fielder

I was hesitant to try Pietra, I have never done Yoga, so was unsure how classes will be, since some people may try to compare them. I like endurance type sports and always like to thank God for the opportunity of being healthy and be able to move, Pietra helps me being more intentional in this thanksgiving. 


Robin is a gifted instructor and mentor! She listens and responds to all aspects of my health and well being during my private sessions with her. Her holistic approach of spiritual, mental and physical health is what draws me to her classes. Her instruction and friendship has been a blessing and gift! 


Becky Kelly, Client 

Robin has been such a wonderful blessing for my life espeically in learning Pietra and also as mentor.


I always grow physically stronger when I am regularly joining Robin’s Pietra classes and my pelvic floor has GREATLY benefited from this work. I feel so much better when Robin’s classes are part of my weekly routine.

Kimberly - Spangle W

This is the one class I look forward to each week.  Robin is enthusiastic and knowledgeable with the art of Pietra!  I come away from this class feeling stronger physically and spiritually 



I have felt stronger and more erect in my posture since joining Robin’s Pietra classes. I hear her voice and gentle reminders throughout my day to straighten my posture and rotate my shoulders back and down. I carry a lot of stress in my neck, shoulders and upper back but her classes and techniques have greatly improved my tightness. My overall motor skills and strength have improved. The breathing work has also been so helpful! Plus, just as meaningful to me is the little reflections she gives, my favorite being, “Jesus, I trust in You. Please take care of everything!” This small phrase also helps me throughout my day!


I highly recommend Robin’s classes, maybe, especially through Zoom. You can concentrate on yourself and not worry about what everyone else is doing.


Bellevue, WA


P.S. My doctor measured me ½ inch taller than I used to be!!

I have enjoyed and benefited physically and spiritually from Pietra classes with Robin since starting earlier this year. The focus on breath work, posture, and core strength with prayers at beginning and end have helped me to decrease stress and focus on the truly important things in life. Robin is always welcoming, friendly, and willing to work with each person, meeting individual needs. I also am very appreciative for the option to Zoom classes, especially early morning classes before work.

R.C., Spokane

"I have been doing Pietra for about a year and have experienced an increase in my prayer and spiritual life.  I am working on strength and balance while incorporating meditation and prayer that is in line with my Catholic beliefs.  Robin makes the classes very comfortable and provides verbal cues to make it easy.  Modifications can be added to fit all fitness levels.  Pietra is a great way to begin or end a busy day."



"Robin helped me via zoom in 1:1 sessions over a period of several months. I so benefitted from her chair Pietra sessions. My circumstance was unique because I am a mom of teen boys used to an active physical lifestyle who was dealing with sudden, permanent changes in my strength and balance. Our classes were a time of prayer, catharsis and helping me to discover how to integrate it all in my different functioning body. Due to her prayerful guidance my confidence increased as my pain and weakness decreased. She is so knowledgeable and able to adjust the flow of sessions depending on my needs that day. Eternally grateful!!"

Betsy G

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