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Prenatal class starting next Tuesday, June 18th

Our prenatal classes can assist expectant moms in growing comfortable in their changing bodies and help to improve their nervous system and calm their minds. The classes aid in building stamina and strength, balancing changing hormones, and reducing stress. Special attention is given to the core and pelvic floor, which will help prepare the mom for labor and delivery. By keeping fit throughout pregnancy, a mother will likely have an easier time recovering after delivery. The best part is the prayers and Scriptures that nurture the soul.

This class is a lovely class for everyone, especially if you’re looking for a gentler class focusing on bracing the core and posture work. Classes are Tues/Thurs 6:30 am – 7:15. Final class ends Tues July 16th. Classes start Tues June 18th. No class June 25th


Summer Pietra  Schedule 2024

                                         Zoom or 2206 West St. Thomas More Way, Spokane WA 99208

Summer schedule and Vacation days



Monday:   7:15 am Int/Adv - no class July 22nd

                  6:40 pm  Mat  -no class July 22

Tuesday:  6:30 am Prenatal no class July 23rd

                 6:30 pm  Mat - no class July 23

Wednesday:  8:00 am Chair Class + 10:30 am Mat - no class July 24

Thursday: 6:30 am Prenatal No class July 25th

                  6:30 pm  Mat - No class  July 25

Friday:  7:15 am Int/Adv - no class  July 26th

10:30 am Mat - no class July 19 and July 26

My vacation days will be:  July: Friday July 19th AFTER 7:15 am class  - Friday July 26th

Interested in class - choose the Pietra page from above. You'll find everything you need.

Hi Friends, if you are ready to create an account so you can sign up for class or purchase a mentor package, take a look at these simple directions. I've created these steps to enable you to sign up for classes before paying and to avoid processing fees for me by allowing you to use the word DIRECT when it comes time to pay for class.


The first time you book a class, it will ask you to make an account with an email and password.  This is where you will then ‘purchase’ a package. Next, enter the coupon code, DIRECT, when purchasing a 10- or 20- class pass, (doesn’t matter because you won’t be charged) and then you can immediately start choosing upcoming class times. 


As always, don’t let signing up or paying being a reason not to join. Kindly text me and let me know and we’ll get you all set, in time. I’ll keep track of classes attended and reconcile your account, in time.  😊


Here is a quick video to show how the process works to make a new account, purchase a pass, and reserve class times.

 Hope to see you soon.

Anchor Wellness


Spokane, Washington

Anchored in Christ, inviting restoration in community.

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