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Welcome Winter....lets stay connected!

We woke up to Snow - a blanket of snow covering the prairie!

I am grateful for the beauty outside and our warm home!

As the weather and the holidays invite a change in our schedules, we can tend to let the foundation of our spiritual and physical needs wain. Except for the week following Christmas, I plan to maintain a steady Pietra schedule because I need all of you too!!

Please let me know if we can add a class to the schedule for the upcoming season. Also, we have been discussing adding 'Pop-Up classes at the start of the week'. Those Pop-Up classes will happen when one of you calls out an hour block good for you that fits my schedule - we will plan it, you invite your people, I will post it, blast out the invite, and give thanks for the unexpected hour together!

Our Thanksgiving Week schedule is:

Monday 6:40 Pm

Tuesday 6:30 Pm

Wednesday 10:30 am

We will return to our usual weekly schedule adding Thursday 6:30 pm and Friday 10:30 am

sign up for classes and create your account at :

Delete Home | My

Fall class schedule starting September 4th All classes are combo on Mat unless Chair is posted. Chair class can be easily modified to using a mat. Weight are available for your use. Some classes I will incorporate weights but NOT required.

Monday: 6:40 pm

Tuesday: 6:30

Wednesday 10:30 am

Thursday: 6:30 pm

Friday: 10:30 am

here is the zoom link for classes:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 889 268 4208

Passcode: A1yd1Y

Here is a little video Jen created to navigate creating a Wix Account. Or call Jen at 805) 512-0331.



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